Healthy food and sufficient exercise are the first requirements for maintaining good health and proper weight. However, that it is not exactly simple to live by that rule is as well-known as the rule itself. So it is very easy to be confronted with localised fat deposits and a larger size. If we then continue on that path, the result will be that we will become overweight.

Returning to the rule of healthy food and sufficient exercise does not mean that we will automatically achieve the weight we strive for. Besides, ideal weight is different for everyone. For one person the aspect of health is the most important reason to do something about excess weight, for someone else the aesthetic aspect may be the most important reason to take effective action. Someone who is only modestly overweight may want to get rid of localised fat deposits (Alizonne Lite!) or be bothered by striae or cellulite on the upper legs in Summer. In these cases it is not a matter of being overweight, so cosmetic surgery may be the solution. Injection-lipolysis*, a treatment in which fat deposits are ‘melted away’ by way of injection of a specific fluid into the fatty tissue, and Liposuction, a procedure during which excess fat is ‘sucked’ away, are possibilities. There are other so-called non-invasive (not through the skin) techniques, such as ultrasound and connective tissue massage, with which wonderful results can be achieved, in particular with regard to contour improvement and skin elasticity.

When body weight exceeds a BMI (weight in kilograms divided by the square of the body height in metres) of 28 we talk of being overweight. A number of conditions and complications are caused by being overweight. Examples are: diabetes, metabolic syndrome X, high blood pressure, joint complaints, chronic fatigue and premature ageing.