3. What is the benefit of the BIA body analysis?

BIA means bio-electrical impedance analysis. This test gives an analysis of the body composition regarding muscle mass, fat mass and water content. For the course of the treatment this analysis is very important. After all, you will observe a loss in kilos, but it makes a big difference if this loss is caused by loss of muscle mass, fat mass or fluid.

Muscle mass

One of the most important values from the body analysis is the muscle mass quantity indication. The Alizonne Therapy is focused on fuel consumption by way of using the surplus in fatty tissue and the preservation of muscle tissue. Proteins are building material for muscle tissue, but may also be used as fuel. If your daily nutrition contains too little fuel, your body will correct this shortage by using proteins from your muscle tissue. The BIA analysis not only gives us a measurement of the present muscle mass, it is also an important measurement for the calculation of the amount of proteins to be administered during your treatment.

Fat mass

Prior to starting the treatment we want to know the fat percentage of the body. During your treatment we keep track of your weight loss. However, weight loss does not always mean actual loss of fatty tissue and this is why the BIA analysis will be repeated several times during your treatment at the request of your doctor.


During every diet body fluid is lost because water is a waste product of fat destruction and will be drained by the kidneys. It might appear that the body retains its fluid during the treatment and in this case it is important to know whether this water is retained in the cells or outside in the surrounding tissue. The water balance inside the body may influence the correct interpretation of your weight loss or - on the contrary - weight increase. The BIA analysis gives us more information about this balance and should weight loss come to a standstill, the BIA analysis may give us the reason for it. This way your doctor will be able to tune your treatment’s effectivity.