1. Why can’t we stop
the yo-yo effect?

When we start on a diet, usually we eat less of everything. So we also eat less protein. However, the body continues producing new cells and in order to do that it needs a minimal amount of protein. If the food provides too little protein the body starts looking for other sources of protein. This source can be found in muscle tissue, which is broken down as a consequence. Muscle tissue is heavy compared with fatty tissue. The result is a noticeable weight loss. Visible effects are a decrease of muscle volume (in the face in particular), a dull skin and brittle nails and hair.

The moment that the fuel supply via food is reduced a certain part of the brain, the hypophysis, will slow down metabolism so that the body is more economical with the sparse amount of fuels. The result is that you will not lose weight anymore, although you are eating less. Then, when you stop this diet where you are eating less food, a number of things happen in the body, all leading to the so-called yo-yo effect. The result will be that you will gain weight again.