4. In what respect is the Alizonne Medical Diet different?

The ALIZONNE® medical diet helps you to lose weight rapidly and to prevent the yo-yo effect. When dieting you will get enough proteins, so that your metabolism will work as usual without breaking down muscle tissue. Fresh vegetables and salads are also part of your diet but sugars, carbohydrates or fats (which may act as fuel) are excluded. The result is that the body will take the energy needed from the fatty tissue so that it is broken down. You only lose a lot of fatty tissue which will lead to a decrease in weight of 1 to 3 kilos a week on average. The waste products of the fatty tissue and the stabilisation of your blood sugar levels prevent feelings of hunger or lack of energy and you will feel fit.

It is not difficult to lose weight in this way. Maintaining the effect, however, is less simple. That is why the diet is gradually adjusted to a normal eating pattern without the use of dietary products in a number of steps, so that weight loss is permanent.

This diet is custom formulated and so is the treatment schedule. This means that you will undergo a medical examination first and your blood will be tested. That way we can determine how much protein needs to be prescribed per day. In addition supplements such as potassium, mineral salts, calcium, vitamins, enzymes, trace elements and, if necessary, other supplements will be prescribed. The ALIZONNE® proteins are available in various flavours and compositions, suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The ALIZONNE® medical diet products are formulated and produced exclusively for Alizonne so that the composition of the products is fully tuned to the programme’s needs. Our first priority is to guarantee the best quality of the raw materials used.

The first phase of the diet is strict and consists of a combination of proteins, fresh salads and vegetables. In later phases there will be a gradual return to a natural eating pattern. By means of regular medical check-ups your diet will be adapted to your personal circumstances.

Thanks to this rapid weight loss (6 to 12 kg per month) and intensive counselling you will be able to attain your ideal weight in a healthy way and maintain it, without being on a diet for the rest of your life. All this, while maintaining a good physical condition and body contour.