1. Ultrasound therapy

The fatty tissue around the organs in the abdomen (where the blood circulation is good) will be strongly reduced by following a diet. However, the fatty tissue stored directly underneath the skin, has no or very little blood circulation and therefore following a diet will not have any effect on this tissue. The result of merely dieting is weight loss, but the elasticity of the skin is reduced and the subcutaneous fat deposits do not disappear and therefore disturb the natural body contour. Further weight loss will not give any improvement and the only way to get rid of this subcutaneous fatty tissue is by way of surgical intervention.

Specific protocols have been developed for non-invasive treatment of subcutaneous fatty tissue by means of ultrasound. There are many different ultrasound devices that are used for different purposes in physiotherapy, the beauty industry and the medical sector. Ultrasound is a vibration that generates warmth, dependent on the frequency and intensity used. Depending of the signal strength, ultrasound may heat up the tissue and cause cells to start leaking or exploding. It means that not every ultrasound technique automatically leads to the same effect. The Alizonne ultrasound technique is effective at maximum tissue depth of 3 cm. Its continuously delivered energy has proven to be effective on fat cells up to this depth.

By applying the specially developed Alizonne ultrasound technique, the fat stored in the subcutaneous fat cell is removed and carried away by the lymphatic system and blood circulation. The ultrasound method influences a number of metabolic processes in the fat cell and this is good for the glucose level in the blood. The ultrasound technique is painless and does not harm the tissue. The equipment used can only be applied when indicated and under medical supervision.

The Alizonne ultrasound treatment is an integral part of the Alizonne Therapy and consists of multiple sessions. The number of sessions depends on the regions to be treated.