2. Connective tissue massage (Endermology)

Endermology is aimed at everything that manifests itself subcutaneously, like fat deposits, loss of supporting tissue, connective tissue disorders, blockades in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, scarring of the skin and even muscular problems.

One endermological method is massage of the connective tissue by means of the LPG-technique. By means of aspiration a skin fold is lifted. Two motorised rollers then knead the skin fold in such a way that it becomes separated from its underlayer. By thus mobilising the entire skin layer the following effects are achieved:

  • Increase of elasticity of the slackened skin by stimulating collagen and elastic fibres which are all part of the elastic supporting tissue of the skin.
  • Stimulation of circulation in skin tissue, so that oxygen supply increases.
  • Stimulation of drainage of liquids and fat via the lymphatic system and blood circulation.
  • Breakdown of cellulite structures like fibrotic fibres and calcifications.
  • Contour improvement.

The accent of this treatment is on tightening the skin. Contour improvement will be most noticeable on the inside of the legs, the hips and the waist.

During the first phase of the Alizonne Therapy, the content of the fat cells is being removed by ultrasound therapy, after which the endermology treatment takes care of a swift drainage of these fats. By combining these two techniques, a substantial diminishing of the fatty tissue will be achieved.

Endermology is not only used for aesthetic treatments; there is an undeniable therapeutic effect when treating rheumatic disorders, fybromyalgia and oedema. It is also used in sports medicine and for the treatment of burns and scars.

For its purpose in the Alizonne Therapy a unique method of using the LPG machine was developed, increasing its effectiveness considerably. Alizonne therapists in all Alizonne clinics have been trained extensively in this way of applying the connective tissue massage and receive further training frequently.