Alizonne Therapy

From 1997 onwards, Doctor Van der Lugt has developed and refined a treatment aimed at reducing body weight in a responsible way, improving body contours, stabilising at the ideal weight and striving for optimal overall health.

The exceptional results of this concept have drawn the attention of many medical professionals throughout the world. Currently, the Alizonne Therapy is being offered by a substantial number of clinics in different countries of Europe.

What does this treatment entail?

During a medical consultation, a medical history and physical examination are undertaken. These are very important elements for the doctor to be able to determine the condition of your health, what steps are necessary to improve it and what treatment is required to reduce your body weight. We can also estimate what can be achieved and how long this treatment will take.

If necessary additional tests can be done regarding intestinal flora, allergies, food intolerance, etc. By checking organ systems, sometimes unexplained complaints can be remedied.

After this consultation we will discuss a detailed plan of treatment with you and the treatment costs, so that you can think about it at home. If you feel that the proposed treatment plan fulfils your needs, you can contact us to schedule the sessions. If you or the physician thinks it necessary, your own GP or treating specialist may be consulted.

The following techniques are used during the treatment: