Alizonne Lite!

In addition to the Alizonne Therapy there is Alizonne Lite, which is focused on improvement of the body contour (body shaping). Alizonne Lite is very effective for people who wish to lose a couple of kilos of weight but mainly wish to improve their body contour. Alizonne Lite achieves the same effectiveness and is as medically safe as the Alizonne Therapy, but this time with a simpler and shorter programme. Tighten your skin and smooth out your body profile without surgical intervention. Alizonne Lite makes it possible.

Even for people who cannot manage to follow the Alizonne Therapy due to social circumstances or work situation, the Alizonne doctor will be able to make an individual plan to lose weight. Business lunches and travelling abroad do not necessarily need to be barriers for a healthy life style. Consult your nearest Alizonne doctor for advice and help.