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A medical approach is needed for a well-balanced treatment of overweight conditions. The Alizonne Therapy gives you rapid weight loss and body shaping in one non-surgical treatment. One of the elements of the therapy is The Alizonne Medical Diet, a well thought-out plan, not only to enable you lose weight quickly and easily, but to guide you to stabilisation at your newly attained target weight.

The Alizonne Therapy is prescribed and supervised by specialised doctors, guaranteeing maximum effectivity and safety.

Not (very) overweight, but need body shaping only? Alizonne Lite! will smooth your body and make you look younger. The same effectivity and medical supervision as in the Alizonne Therapy, but here’s an easier, lighter and shorter programme, designed to lose inches rapidly and tighten the skin. Small local fat deposits may also be removed safely.

The Alizonne Therapy is currently offered by several clinics throughout Europe. For further information or an appointment at one of the Alizonne clinics, you may contact us via this website or by telephone directly with the clinic of your choice.